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Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh's Licence Cancelled for Wrongly Declaring Baby Dead
New Delhi,08/December/2017(ITNN)>>> The Delhi government on Friday cancelled the licence of Max hospital, Shalimar Bagh,with immediate effect after it wrongly declared a newborn baby dead on November 30. The baby, who was found to be alive just before cremation, died on Thursday from infection and other medical problems after a week at a private clinic in Pitampura. 

We have cancelled the licence of Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh. The negligence in the newborn death case was unacceptable,Delhi health minister Satyendar Jain said at a press conference. The decision to cancel the licence was taken after a three member panel formed by the Delhi government found the hospital guilty of not having followed prescribed medical norms in dealing with newborn infants in its preliminary report submitted on Tuesday.

The panel had found evidence of negligence, including no ECG being done to confirm that the infant was dead, the dead and living children were not kept separately, and so on. The panel which consisted of three doctors, a gynecologist, a pediatrician and a hospital administrator, gave its reports after examining records and visiting the hospital. Delhi health minister Satyendar Jain had earlier said that the government would cancel the license of Max Hospital Shalimar Bagh if found guilty. 

Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal had also hinted at strong action, saying, “We value the independence of private hospitals and do not wish to interfere in their functioning. However, there ought to be a legal framework to check open loot and criminal negligence by a few black sheep. The private hospital had declared new-born twins dead and handed them over to their parents in sealed plastic bags even as one of them was still alive. 

The parents realised this when they were on their way to perform the last rites. They rushed the baby to another hospital which declared the baby alive. According to the twins' grandfather Pravin Malik, just as they were on their way to perform the last rites,he noticed there was some movement in the packet in which the kids were handed over to them. We were utterly shocked at the hospital's apathy,said Pravin.

Max Healthcare decided to terminate the services of two doctors allegedly involved in the case on December 3. While the inquiry by the expert group which includes external experts from the IMA is still in process,we have decided to terminate the services of two treating doctors,doctors AP Mehta and Vishal Gupta in the case relating to the twin extreme pre-term babies,Max Healthcare said in a statement.
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