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Science and spiritualism complimentary to each other: CM Chouhan
13 February 2016
* Spiritualism is base of culture: Eminent thinker Krishna Gopal
* Ideological seminar on science and spiritualism gets underway

Bhopal,13/February/2016 (ITNN)>>>> Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that science and spiritualism are complimentary to each other. India boasts of tradition of respecting all ideologies of the world. The Chief Minister was addressing an ideological seminar on science and spiritualism here today. Eminent nationalist thinker Krishna Gopal was the chief guest and Chancellor of Swami Vivekananda Yoga and Research Institute, Bengaluru Dr. H. R. Nagendra the keynote speaker.

The Chief Minister said that India has old tradition of mutual discussions. This tradition has been revived through ideological seminars in the context of Simhastha. In our country, entire world has been regarded as one family. Main objective of religion is human welfare. Material progress is not enough for happiness. Physical progress has brought human race to the brink of distortion. Spiritualism is necessary for happiness of human beings. Happiness of heart, mind and soul are also needed for human beings. Spiritualism is journey from physical to subtle. Spiritualism leads human beings to final goal of life.

Shri Krishna Gopal said that religion and science are at the loggerheads in Western world. In India, ambit of religion is wide. Religion is intrinsic to it. Culture moves ahead through science and economy. Civilisation is transient whereas culture is permanent. In culture, it is spiritualism that gives direction to life. Our culture's focal point is spiritualism. In a person, good virtues emerge due to spiritualism. Science teaches us to take and spiritualism inculcate habit to give. Science minus spiritualism can be devastative.

Keynote speaker Dr. Nagendra said that modern science took roots 4 centuries ago. Spiritualism tells what lies beyond material world. Spiritualism talks about solving problems emerging from soul, heart, mind and egoism. Upnishads are treasure troves of wisdom and spiritualism. All problems of modern times can be solved through spiritualism.

At the outset, Madhya Pradesh Science and Technology Council's Chairman Pramod Verma informed about ideological seminar. He informed that 7 technical sessions will be held during the 3-day 4th ideological seminar in the context of Simhastha. Video-address of Vigyan Bharti's President Dr. Vijay Bhatkal was also held. National General Secretary of Vigyan Bharti Jayant Sahastrabuddhe was also present. Tasneem Habib proposed a vote of thanks.