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Historic Jain temple demolished in Lahore to make way for metro train
12 February 2016
New Delhi,12/February/2016 (ITNN)>>>> Several opposition parties staged protest in Pakistan against the demolition of historic Jain temple in Lahore . The demolition was carried out to make way for Orange Line Metro Train (OMT) project. Several other buildings like Maharaja Building and Kapurthala House were also brought down by the authorities. According to report in the Time of India,Leader of Opposition in Punjab Assembly Mian Mehmood-ur-Rashid has condemned the incident and demanded an inquiry into the incident.

Pakistan government had demolished the temple on Wednesday to construct the Orange Line Metro Train (OMT). The route could have been changed or the tunnel technology could have been used to save the historic temple,said Rashid. The three-storey temple building was already in a dilapidated condition. Various shopkeepers had encroached the temple. The temple had come under attack from the protesters following the Babri mosque demolition in 1992. a major part of the temple was demolished by the angry mob as part of Babri demolition.