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West Bengal: Nurse accidentally cuts newborn baby s thumb,throws it in a dustbin
14 July 2015
Balurghat,14/July/2015 (ITNN)>>>> A 10-day-old baby in the Balurghat district hospital lost her left thumb on Sunday night when a nurse cut it off with scissors while trying to remove a saline tube,the parents of the infant have alleged. The thumb was later found in a dustbin but could not be grafted to the infant's palm because the referral hospital,300km away in Siliguri, did not have a plastic surgeon. A relative said doctors also told the family that it was too late for surgery by the time they reached the medical college in Siliguri.

The hospital in Balurghat,South Dinajpur,on Monday sent the nurse on indefinite leave. The nursing superintendent filed a preliminary report on Monday evening that spoke of negligence on the part of the nurse that led to the "accidental" amputation. The nurse, who has not been named in the family s complaint with the police,could not be contacted for her version despite repeated calls to her phone. Set up to probe the allegation,a panel of doctors could not meet the nurse on Monday.

The family, given the thumb at 11.30pm on Sunday,reached the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital in Siliguri around 8am on Monday. But she was brought back to the Balurghat hospital in the evening after the Siliguri facility said it had no plastic surgeon. The baby had been admitted to the neo-natal ward on July 10 with diarrhoea and breathing distress. The police complaint lodged by the family alleged that when the baby's mother,Mamoni Mondal,questioned the nurse,she replied It was necessary to cut the finger,so I cut it.

The child was born on July 3 to farmer Bablu Mondal and Mamoni in the same hospital,located 440km from Calcutta. The child was released on July 5 but brought back five days later. She was supposed to have been discharged on Monday. Mamoni was with the baby in the hospital on Sunday night when the nurse came to take off the saline tube. Bablu said he was outside the neo-natal ward a little after 10pm when he heard a scream from inside. "I rushed inside. My daughter's hand was bleeding.

The nurses on duty would not tell me anything when I asked them what had happened," he said. My wife said a nurse had cut off the baby's thumb while removing the saline tube. The thumb was later found inside a dustbin," Bablu added. Hospital superintendent Tapan Biswas said: "The condition of the baby was critical and on the advice of doctors, the baby was sent to the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital. Balurghat hospital sources said on Sunday evening that the baby was stable.