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Four-year-old forced to drink alcohol by uncle in Tamil Nadu, video goes viral
07 July 2015
Chennai,07/july/2015 (ITNN)>>>> A four-year-old boy was forced to drink liquor in a Tamil Nadu village by his maternal uncle and his friends, police said on Monday after scanning a video of the incident the perpetrators uploaded on WhatsApp.

Two of the persons have been arrested but three others, including the uncle, are absconding. In the 90-second video that has gone viral and was shown by some Tamil news channels, the group is seen pouring liquor from a bottle into a cup and egging the kid on to have it even after he gestures his reluctance and gasps.

When the boy has the last sip and throws away the cup, the five are seen guffawing. The incident occurred in Thrivuvannamalai district's Sozhankupam village,200km from Chennai, the police said, adding that the number of a motorbike seen in the video helped them launch the investigation and track down the culprits. he uncle has been identified as Murugan and his friends as Manikandan, Ezhumalai,Rajaram and Prem Kumar.

In the video,they are shown gathering on a dry lake bed and going on a drinking binge before forcing the boy to join them. A senior officer said they would charge the culprits with abduction and child abuse. This is a new kind of perversity born out of Tamil Nadu's liquor addiction," said anti-liquor activist Thamizharuvi Manian.