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Gynaecologist suspended , SMO MO put on notice
26 December 2014
Chandigarh,26/November/2014 (ITNN)>>>> A gynaecologist concerned Dr Alka Mittal was suspended and chargesheeted besides the Senior Medical Officer (SMO) Dr. S. P. Karkara, Medical Officer Dr. Yogesh Khanna and Class IV employee Kanta Devi were transferred and issued show cause notices for the death of five newborns at Ludhiana Civil Hospital in November.

Health and Family Welfare Minister Surjeet Kumar Jyani gave this information in reply to a question of Congress MLA Surinder Kumar Dawar. Notably, death of five kids was reported in the month of November, forcing the Punjab government to set up a high-level probe in the matter.

Five newborn had died during the time of delivery at the Ludhiana civil hospital, which the families alleged were carried out by “Class IV employees in the absence of gynaecologists”. Minister said besides a departmental inquiry, an inquiry was conducted by Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner as well, following which action was taken against “erring” five staffers, including three doctors.

Jyani also informed that as many as 35 newborn had died at Ludhiana civil hospital since April this year because of different reasons. Answering the query, Health and Family Welfare Minister said, “35 newborn deaths have occurred in civil hospital Ludhiana since April 1, 2014.” The maximum death of infants took place in the month of November, which were 10, while nine died in October, according to the reply.

Giving the reason behind the neonatal deaths, the Minister said, “13 deaths took place due to prematurity, nine were due to respiratory distress syndrome, six due to meconium aspiration and five died due to birth asphyxia. Two kids died because of unknown reasons.” However, Congress MLA Dawar claimed that 68 newborn deaths took place in the last six months and blamed the “poor infrastructure” at the hospital for it. Dawar demanded a probe into the death of five kids by a High Court judge.

Independent MLA Simarjit Singh Bains blamed the state government for not providing “sufficient staff” at government hospital which led to death of kids. The minister also admitted that there was a shortage of 117 pediatrics and 25 gynaecologists in Punjab and the state was in the process of hiring.

“Where there is a paediatrician in a hospital, one will not find gynaecologist and vice versa. These are the reasons behind the death of infants at Ludhiana tragedy,” claimed Congress MLA Sunder Sham Arora.