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Fog, cold wave unabated in Punjab, Haryana
26 December 2014
Chandigarh,26/November/2014 (ITNN)>>>> Foggy conditions and a cold wave continued to affect normal life in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh on Friday.

Most parts of both states and Chandigarh witnessed moderate to dense fog Friday, weather officials said here.

Visibility was down to 100-200 metres at many places (at 8.30 am), affecting road and railway traffic.

Amritsar was the coldest place in the region with a minimum temperature of three degrees. Ludhiana and Patiala had lows of seven degrees each.

Chandigarh recorded a minimum temperature of seven degrees Friday while Hisar and Karnal in Haryana recorded lows of six degrees each.

Chandigarh had recorded a maximum temperature of 11 degrees on Thursday, 10 degrees below normal. Maximum temperatures in other places in Punjab and Haryana hovered between 11.5 and 13.5 degrees.

Met officials said that the cold wave and foggy conditions will continue for the next few days.