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Govt upholds core principles of Net Neutrality in India
The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) on Thursday upheld the core principles of Net Neutrality in India. Releasing its final report on Net Neutrality on DoT website, the panel headed by AK Bhargava also recommended that the users right on the Internet be ensured so that TSPs/ISPs do not restrict the ability of the user to send, receive, display, use, post any legal content, application or service on the Internet, or restrict any kind of lawful Internet activity or use.
Tom Hanks recreates the nostalgia of the typewriter with the Hanx Writer iPad app
A new app for the iPad aims to recreate the nostalgic sense of typing on a manual typewriter, but ramped up to meet the demands of digital-age word processing. The brainchild of Oscar-winning actor and collector of vintage typewriters Tom Hanks.
World’s fastest humanoid robot learns sign language
It's what's on the inside that counts. It might look very like the older models, but the latest evolution on Honda's iconic white android, Asimo, combines athletic running with a delicate and dextrous touch.
Humanoid robot that sees and maps
Computer vision algorithms that enable Samsung's latest humanoid robot, Roboray, to build real-time 3D visual maps to move around more efficiently have been developed by researchers from the University of Bristol.
This Amazing Transparent Computer Lets You Touch Digital Content
A while ago we reported about an amazing 3D computer that allows users to touch and interact with its’ digital content. Well, ever since then the development team has been working too hard to make some pretty impressive improvements to this amazing device.
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr apps come to Google Glass
Social networking services Facebook and Twitter are coming to Google Glass, the wearable computer made by the Internet search company. Google announced on Thursday a half-dozen apps specially designed to work on its Glass devices.
Butterflies, good tools to monitor forests
Creatures as little as butterflies and moths are bio-indicators and can be used as an effective tool to monitor the health of our forests, says a new book.