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Welcome to Lake Louise of Canada
Lake Louise is a Canadian lake in the province of Alberta. It was formed by a glacier and is known for its blue-green color that results from mineral deposits that enter the lake from melting glaciers above.
Visit Gaya Island : Malaysia Tousist Attractions
Gaya Island is the largest island of the five islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park which lies just off the coast of Kota Kinabalu.
Lunch-hour love shacks a rage in Vietnam
On a cloudy noon, a man in office outfit with dark glasses and a woman in a sun-resistant cloak with a mask muffling her head entered a room at a mini hotel in Vietnam's capital Hanoi. About an hour later, they checked out, again covertly.
Sri Lanka Tourist Attractions
Sri Lanka is an island that is captivating both by its name - that means Land of Splendour - and by what it actually offers to the visitor. The attractions of Sri Lanka - known to the world by several names from ancient days - have been known through the centuries.