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Eco-friendly Driverless Vehicles
At Heathrow Airport engineers are testing their latest invention - personal driving pods that will transport travelers to their destinations non-stop and at the same time reduce the level of pollution and eliminate overcrowding.
Transparent Smart Digital Window by Samsung
When you think at windows you can only think of a piece of glass putted on a window frame that keeps the room sealed along with the doors but also lets the light in while you enjoy the view.
Car GPS Tracking
Car Gps Tracking is fairly common in new vehicles, providing drivers with tracking and navigation. However, latest technology inventions have made car gps tracking systems more sophisticated, allowing for a wide range of additional uses.
Terrafugia Flying Car Company Develops New Concept
Terrafugia started developing the world’s first flying car a few years ago, and even though its Transition Street-Legal Airplane isn’t in production yet, it is already developing a new concept. The company announced this weekend that it has begun studies of a four-seat, vertical takeoff and landing hybrid-electric flying car called the TF-X.
Gyro Technology
This wild new motorcycle, invented by 19-year-old Ben J. Poss Gulak, is among the latest inventions to capture attention. Debuting at the National Motorcycle Show in Toronto, the "Uno" uses gyro technology for balance and acceleration.
Coral-repairing robot looks for funds on Kickstarter
Scientists developing a robot to repair coral reefs around the world have turned to crowd-sourcing website Kickstarter to raise funds. The Coralbot team from Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University are hoping to raise $107,000 (£70,000) before June.