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Weapons Technique
What is a Buk missile?
Lurking near blocks of Soviet-era flats, this is said to be the BUK rocket launcher just two hours before it blasted Flight MH17 out of the sky.
TrackingPoint smart rifle
itting a target at 1,000 yards is a skill only possessed by a few elite snipers. But all that is about to change, thanks to a high-tech bullet guidance system created by Texas gun manufacturer TrackingPoint.
IAF unveils massive Super-Drone
The air force unveiled a new drone as wide as a Boeing 737 on Sunday, at the Tel Nof air base near Rehovot, marking a new stage in Israel’s long-range operational and intelligence capabilities.
MK23 : A Semi-Automatic Pistol
The MK23 Mod 0 is an offensive handgun system consisting of a match grade semi-automatic pistol, a laser aiming module (LAM), and suppressor. It was adopted by the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) for special forces units in the 1990's.
Metal Storm : A Deadly Weapon
After years of development, a new class of weapon that uses computer-controlled electronic ignition instead of primers to fire projectiles may be finally taking its much coveted place in the U.S. military inventory. Brisbane, Australia-based Metal Storm has delivered a four-barrel weapon to the Naval Surface Warfare Center for testing that uses a small electrical current instead a conventional firing pin to deliver stacked rounds at an astounding rate.
Aeryon Labs : A portable SkyRanger
Many UAV drones have issues when it comes to strong winds and adverse weather, but if you're a soldier needing a birds-eye view, you don't always have time to wait for the sky to clear up.
Airsoft Guns
Airsoft guns are known as replica firearms that shoot plastic pellets referred to as BB’s by way of compressing electric or gas or spring-driven pistons. In the year 1980, Airsoft guns were first introduced and they first came out in Japan. This is considered as the latest technology with regards to gun toy replicas.
Boeing Missile Only Kills Electronics
Wars and battles are being fought using increasingly cutting edge technology. In the future, the world may be so dependent on electronics – our soldiers might even be robots – that should a group’s systems and devices fail it might as well wave a white flag.
This Full-Size Helicopter Is Actually A Drone
The new MQ-8C Fire Scout looks so much like a normal helicopter that it took me two days of wandering the 2013 Sea-Air-Space convention floor to even notice it. In fact, the latest evolution of Northrup Grumman's naval drone looks so much like the past of aeronautics that it's easy to miss how it's the future.
The world’s first 3D-printed gun
An American gunsmith has become the first person to construct and shoot a pistol partly made out of plastic, 3D-printed parts. The creator, user HaveBlue from the AR-15 forum, has reportedly fired 200 rounds with his part-plastic pistol without any sign of wear and tear.
US Navy readies laser attack weapon in 2014
The US Navy said it is preparing to roll out a sea-based laser weapon capable of disabling small enemy vessels and shooting down surveillance drones.