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How to Buy the Perfect Couch?
‘Couch time’ is good time. It is the green light for having nowhere to go and nothing to do… and who doesn’t love that? Follow these expert tips to ensure your sofa selection combines comfort, current trends and an ultimate place to curl up.
How To Decorate With White?
White furnishings and accessories have many contrasts and hues but their net effect is always one of elegance. White is the colour of joy, hope, innocence and cleanliness.
Tiles : Play Safe or Go Bold?
Tiles can make or break any room, so it's important to get it right. Should we play it safe or not be afraid to be different? Shares this tips.
The Best Window Coverings
Your budget, tastes, needs and decorating style, together with the amount of brightness you wish to achieve in the room, will guide your decisions as you consider numerous possibilities. Here are some guidelines.
Pick the perfect sofa for your home
Sofas have always been and will be the focus of attention in living rooms, and so needs attention in both purchase and maintenance. Here's how you should go about selecting the ideal one for your home.
How to clean mirrors?
Want to know how to keep your mirror gleaming? Here's our how-to guide on cleaning mirrors. Keeping mirrors sparklingly clean seems like a hassle, but it's not that difficult to keep those surfaces shining.
How to do up your staircase
Make your staircase look as interesting as the rest of your house.