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World Environment Day was celebrated in AISECT University
Bhopal,05/June/2014(ITNN)>>>> AISECT University, a forum to meet not only with profound knowledge but also with a sense of social responsibility, is again onset to commemorate WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY on 5th June, 2014, along with DMI, Institute of Disaster Management, Bhopal, at CRPF Campus on 5th june, 2014. Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Asst. Director, DMI, Bhopal, delivered a lecture on ‘Environment and Disaster’. His words were to enlighten some basic efforts; a common man can do to save nature. 

The Jawaans’ and their family in CRPF attended the lecture enthusiastically which was then followed by few interesting activities to raise their interest at crescendo. Activities like Poster drawing, Article writing, Poem writing, Best from Waste, Creating Slogans have been organized by Research and Development department, AISECT University. CRPF Commandant Manish Sacchar appreciated the concept of observing the day. 

AISECT University proceeded the day with “Vriksharopan” in the campus itself. Vice-Chancellor Prof. V.K.Verma, initiated ahead along with Mr. Vijay Singh, Registrar, AISECT University.